We can offer one off citation building or provide a regular and ongoing package that will serve to bolster and diversify your clients’ link profiles

Ethical guest posting remains one of the most effective means of building long-term links. If you’re thinking of outsourcing SEO then you should contact us today to partner with us.

All projects are organized in a beautiful, easy-to-use order portal. Our service standards are exceptionally high, and we complete all our work in house right here in the UK. Patents related to search engines can provide information to better understand search engines.

White Hat SEO - Avishek Prakash

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase ‘content is king’? This is no longer true, content is everything (well, pretty much). Thanks

Trust Us To Deliver We’ve been able to build our reputation for white label services for one reason – we deliver safe and consistent results. It boils down to having empathy with your prospects and customers. The objective is to first determine a user’s intent, then develop a methodology for smooth navigation—a methodology that evokes a positive emotion and leads to an overall good experience.

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As Google continues to improve its ability to deliver hyper-local results, it is critically important to have complete and accurate data in one’s Google My Business profile. This doesn’t have to be a difficult exercise. The leading search engines, Google, Bing, and Yahoo, do not disclose the algorithms they use to rank pages. White hat advice is generally summed up as creating content for users, not for search engines, and then making that content easily accessible to the spiders, rather than attempting to trick the algorithm from its intended purpose. This post will concentrate on areas that, in my experience, deliver positive results and a big return on investment.

Enterprise Citation ServicesOur experts have extensive experience working with multi-location and enterprise businesses to solve their local search data problems. The 2012 Google Penguin attempted to penalize websites that used manipulative techniques to improve their rankings on the search engine. The first is that it allows our partners to add margin to our services and therefore profit from what we do. Ann Handley created the following formula to sum it up:

The Google algorithm incorporates hundreds, if not thousands, of signals when determining where pages rank for a search. ‘Images dissolve; I believe in the power of colour itself.’ 3 Though predominantly white, grey or black, in some works Park uses bright, primary colours painted as an acrylic ground before the Hanji paper is laid down, allowing pockets of colour from different layers to punctuate the finished surface. We also have built-in on-site auditing, SEMRush data and more!

"Our business has made a noticeable improvement since we started using the Whitehat team." Brian Kelly, CKS With a campaign that is within our budget they have done more for us than another very large agency which we were previously using. This is the only reason they use black hat, but it has short success time period and it will spam your website. But when we’re not hunched over our keyboards or speaking at events, you’ll find us laughing at animated gifs, clinking glasses, and marveling at beards.

‘I think colour, which is organic, can be used as a tool for healing,’ he has said. One of the main concerns that businesses face when looking at white label outsourcing is that they don’t know who they can trust to deliver a service that meets their clients high expectations. So I’d just keep plugging away at UK career info pages.

People mostly do things which are easy to do, so that they get results fast. There are many advantages to white label services. Every client we take on, whether white label or otherwise, gains the expertise of a seasoned SEO professional working on their website and boosting their rankings. This is important because it further cements the relationship you have with the client.We currently work with several web designers, PR companies, marketing and media agencies and many other business types who outsource their SEO to us.

Content that targets a strong, related keyword phrase on each page wins every time. In two recent works from 2014 and 2016, he uses bright red pigment and furrowed vertical lines to animate the picture surface. We can help increase your profit, improve your customer retention, and reduce your workload.

According to this study from the Oxford Journal, “The goal of UX design in business is to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty through the utility, ease of use, and pleasure provided in the interaction with a product.” For our purposes, your website is the product. As the search engine guidelines are not written as a series of rules or commandments, this is an important distinction to note. We will perfect your listings, supplement your current listing solution, cleanup and build new citations, provide in-house training and more, for lasting success in local search.

Search engine optimisation, as with all things in life has a good, wholesome, fair and right way of doing things and a bad, unfair, downright naughty way of doing things. Knowing which factors carry the most weight and optimizing accordingly can be the difference between success and failure. So, as far as the customer is concerned they are dealing with your company, when actually it us that is delivering the service. Using our white label SEO services you can show your client content assets and guest posts from relevant blogs, and provide them with a regular source of links. Historically websites have copied content from one another and benefited in search engine rankings by engaging in this practice, however Google implemented a new system which punishes sites whose content is not unique. This means that you might pay £500 a month to us, but charge £600 to clients – a profit of £100 a month for little or no additional work.

Kendal, if a page is relevant to your sites, so are the outbound links. The best approach for making your website better is the white hat SEO service.You have mentioned things in details which make this concept easy to understand. This means that you can retain clients, remain in constant communication, and ensure that yours is the name that they think of when they need related services again in the future.You Profit From Our WorkBecoming a reseller of WildShark services means that you can expand the range of services you provide to clients, and you can add your own margin to the products. "Organised, professional and responsive" Adam Jacobs, Jacobs Of Reading Your response time is excellent! " I wanted to congratulate the Whitehat team for delivering great results for me." Nigel Conway, The i-Site People are travelling from far away to give me business thanks to the great work you and your team are doing! I wouldn't hestitate to recommend Whitehat to anyone. Building citations is a repetitive and long-winded task, but WildShark has experience in developing high-quality and long-lasting citations. We locate relevant blogs, negotiate with blog owners to determine topic and format requirements, and write the content and source images and other content.

An SEO technique is considered white hat if it conforms to the search engines' guidelines and involves no deception. White hat SEO is not just about following guidelines, but is about ensuring that the content a search engine indexes and subsequently ranks is the same content a user will see. This continues to be an easy win, as less than half of all businesses have claimed their business listing.

Our white label reseller program gets effective links for your client. We never take risks with our customer websites and this ensures that our results are here to stay. Enterprise Citation ServicesOur experts have extensive experience working with multi-location and enterprise businesses to solve their local search data problems. In June 2007, The New York Times' Saul Hansell stated Google ranks sites using more than 200 different signals. You’ll see your projects, reports, and statuses all in one place. As a HubShout SEO Reseller, you'll have our team of writers, marketers, developers and analysts behind you.

We build tools and provide services that help businesses and agencies with local search. We will perfect your listings, supplement your current listing solution, cleanup and build new citations, provide in-house training and more, for lasting success in local search.

Citations are an essential facet of local SEO. Whether by design or pressure from clients to deliver results, many search engine optimization companies try to deliver solutions and results for customers by utilizing techniques which don't quite cross the line into black hat SEO, but are well outside of what would be considered white hat search engine optimization.

Citation BuildingWe scour hundreds of high-quality opportunities, submitting by hand to build powerful, consistent citations with a quick turnaround time. They work in a similar way to links, in that they show Google that a local business exists and is popular with its customers and clients. White hat SEO is in many ways similar to web development that promotes accessibility, although the two are not identical.

Everyone talks about creating “great content”, but what does that even mean? It really comes down to having useful content, finding the right audience, and then reaching that audience. After you've chosen your keyword phrase, use it consistently throughout the page. Citation Audit & CleanupWe analyze all your listings, fix inconsistencies, remove duplicates, and claim the important citations you’re missing to improve your local visibility. The second important benefit of white labeling is that you maintain the customer under your own brand. Some SEO practitioners have studied different approaches to search engine optimization, and have shared their personal opinions. No more chasing anyone down to figure out what’s going on with your orders! On top of that, we built in the features that you need, like bulk order uploading and an order API. The work of most search engine optimization companies, however, operate in a gray area, aptly named Gray Hat search engine optimization. To describe the two SEO methodologies the terms “White Hat” and “Black Hat” SEO were coined.

By 2004, search engines had incorporated a wide range of undisclosed factors in their ranking algorithms to reduce the impact of link manipulation. For example, a page with a Meta title of "White Hat SEO - White Hat SEO methods" could have this first paragraph of content:
Whether you are a design agency, you provide hosting, or you develop SEO leads through your own lead capture website and need a reliable and reputable service to provide services for your clients, contact WildShark for a confidential discussion about your requirements and goals. The 2013 Google Hummingbird update featured an algorithm change designed to improve Google's natural language processing and semantic understanding of web pages.

White label simply means that you offer our services under your own brand. It’s no longer enough to stick a poorly written blog up once a month – or worse, use text spinners to rejig old content.

In February 2011, Google announced the Panda update, which penalizes websites containing content duplicated from other websites and sources. Although the rhythmical, dynamic patterns of the later ‘Ecriture’ paintings might contrast formally to the monochromatic language of the earlier works, ultimately their methodology remains the same and as Lee Yil has observed, all are the product of ‘formative time’, requiring fine technical skill and sustained focus within a limited amount of time.

Extend Your Service OfferingsOne of the greatest benefits of using white label SEO services is that you can extend the range of products that you offer to clients. If a local client is introduced to us for a contract size of £500 per month, our white label partners may decide to add £100 margin to the contract and so the customers pays £600. In doing so, introducers receive a nice commission for doing little, if no work. Although Google Penguin has been presented as an algorithm aimed at fighting web spam, it really focuses on spammy links by gauging the quality of the sites the links are coming from.


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