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Preview: Zaman starts attacking from this over, getting three boundaries in four deliveries, targeting the off-side on each occasion. He is playing wonderfully once again, and seems to have carried his big-hitting form over from the match against South Africa. 12 off the over.

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ICC Champions Trophy 2017 has reached its business end and we are just three matches away from knowing that who will be the next side who to claim the coveted trophy on 18th June at The Oval, London. In the first semi-final, the hosts England and Pakistan will battle it out hard at Cardiff to book a berth in the grand final. The runners-up of last Champions Trophy, England is the only undefeated team in the tournament and is arguably the most complete side in limited-overs cricket. Eoin Morgan’s men have all bases covered and will start as the favourites against the men in green.

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“We do the basics wrong, we do the simple things wrong,” said Pakistan’s coach, Micky Arthur. “The only thing I can think of is the magnitude of the occasion got to them.” It should have been an influential toss that Pakistan won, but they could not make the most of bowling first at 10.30am in damp conditions because their fielding was so awful and their tactics so strange. Amir bowled line and length, very well too until his cramp, and that was about the ­extent of Pakistan’s ­maximising the conditions – because they opened the bowling at the City end with a spinner, and played two specialist spinners and a part-timer in all, while India dropped Ravi Ashwin and sufficed with one. Amir could not swing the new Kookaburra – neither could India’s pace bowlers when the time came – but he did pitch it up and give it a chance to deviate. In his first spell Hasan Ali did too, and that was it. Pakistan’s teenaged legspinner Shadab Khan bowled gamely and tied down Rohit Sharma for no more than singles at a stretch, but overall Pakistan’s attack made little of the conditions, most notably their most senior bowler, Wahab, who bowled short and wide to ­India’s batsmen.

SPORT ZONE: March 2011
Another bouncer from Pandya has Malik swaying, but he follows that up with a wide half-volley that the batsman timed beautifully through cover for four. The next ball is an overcompensation: on the hips and Malik whips it away through fine leg for four.  The new batsman has injected some tempo for Pakistan. Thick edge from Hafeez, but it runs harmlessly down to third-man for one. 

What a true Pakistani victory. Is this Skipper Sarf's moment? He has shown remarkable temperament, despite the dropped chances, to see Pakistan home. Lots of homework for the Pakistani batsmen to do before they take on England on the same ground. Pakistan dug themselves a hole and then battled hard not to fall in it. They are unpredictable, we know this. What's in store for England, then?

OVER 33: IND 173/1 (Rohit 77* Kohli 24*)   Hasan again starts with three dots, before taking the pace off the ball with a wide-ish cutter. Rohit can only get it away for a single. Again Pakistan go short and Kohli cannot connect.  Meanwhile, rain is again a concern. The umpires meet in the middle, but play resumes for now.

Metronomic line and length from Pandya, and he ties Hafeez down with three dot balls. The Pakistan batsman has a strike rate of 60 currently, which just won't do. 

Yuvraj Singh, a bruising left-hander and India’s most experienced batsman, lit the blue touchpaper. To that point, their captain, Virat Kohli, had been earthbound, pushing his ones and twos, as if his reputation as the world’s best batsman had been much exaggerated. He then reached for the stars, scoring 37 runs off his last 12 balls, while Hardik Pandya weighed in by ­hitting the first three balls of India’s final over for six.

Sarfraz misses the chance to put Pandya away through the legside when he strays too straight, but only gets a single.  Imad faces his first ball, and chips a drive straight to the grateful mitts of Jadhav at cover. It was a shorter length  delivery than he thought, and as a result he was always hitting on the up.

Amir continues to bowl well, probing outside off-stump at 86mph or so. Rohit is patient, letting a couple by before finding a fielder in the covers. Just a Kohli single off the over. 

Catches win matches they say. We don't think like that is what Sri Lanka is trying to tell us. DROPPED! Sarfraz pulls Maling in front of square on the leg side, Seekugge Prasanna runs in but fails to hold onto it. Malinga needs to bowl the batsmen out now. Can't trust his fielders at this rate! FOUR byes! Sloppy wicketkeeping. Amir leaves a length delivery and Dickwella fails to collect it cleanly. Oh boy, another misfield on the fifth ball and Pakistan take a single. 8 off the over.

The rain delay has certainly halted the momentum that India were starting to pick up, towards the end of the first 10 overs of the match. Rohit and Dhawan are looking to get their eye in again, something that has caused a drop in the run rate.

Cheers Ben. There's 25 minutes left in the bank, as it were, before we have to start losing overs. Doesn't look too bad. Rain spoiled the contest between these two in the 2013 Champions Trophy on this same ground, India getting home comfortably in a DL chase of 102 in 22 overs.

That's a real blow for Pakistan as Malik looked in excellent touch. Goes walkabout looking for a quick single, Hafeez sends him back but Jadeja at 45 finds the target with a flat left-arm throw. Fine piece of fielding, but an amateurish dismissal. 

There's some intrigue in the India camp Re the future of Anil Kumble, and rumours that there have been some issues between him and Virat Kohli. Cricket-Australian McDermott applies for India coach job - report NEW DELHI, June 4 (Reuters) - Former Australia fast bowler Craig McDermott has applied for the post of India head coach, which will become vacant after the ongoing Champions Trophy campaign. The Indian cricket board (BCCI) advertised the post last month, while maintaining that incumbent Anil Kumble would be considered for a contract extension after the team recorded just one defeat in 17 tests since he took over in June last year. McDermott, who played 71 tests for Australia between 1984 and 1996 and was his country's full-time bowling coach from the 2013-14 Ashes series to last year's World T20, said he had submitted an application. "I have had aspirations for a while to be a head coach," he told "I was away from cricket coaching for a year, and now, I want to come back to it. I have also enjoyed my time in India, and it would be nice to serve Indian cricket." According to media reports, his former team mate Tom Moody, former Pakistan coach Richard Pybus, ex-India opener Virender Sehwag and coach of the 2007 World T20 winning Indian team Lalchand Rajput have also applied for the job. Managing an Indian dressing room full of egos and diverse personalities is a Herculean task and former captain Kumble's impressive record will be difficult to ignore. The BCCI's Cricket Advisory Committee, which will make the decision, comprises his former team mates Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly and VVS Laxman.

OVER 2: IND 3/0 (Rohit 0* Dhawan 2*)  But, sorry to say, that pressure dissipates as  Imad Wasim starts with a nothing ball, and Dhawan dabs it to point. The simplest bit of fielding you could wish to see, but Ahmed Shehzad has dived over the ball, allowing a freebie two. Next ball is a wide down legside. No score for the rest of the over, though, Dhawan picking out the fielders.

OVER 31: IND 163/1 (Rohit 74* Kohli 17*)   Seam at both ends now for Pakistan, Hasan back into the attack. He's getting the ball to nip back a little and is asking a few questions of Rohit and Kohli. The former tries to go on the attack, attempting to drill the ball down the ground but he doesn't time it and mid-on intercepts. In response, Hasan gets Rohit ducking under a short ball - a terrific, lively delivery. Another quiet over - just another single. 

The partition of British India in 1947 that led to the creation of an independent India and Pakistan was characterised by intense and bloody conflict between Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs that left one million people dead. An estimated ten million people migrated to the nation of their choice. The bloody legacy of the partition and the subsequent emergence of territorial disputes and wars being fought over them have all added to the growth of intense rivalries in field hockey, association football but especially in cricket, which had been developed during British colonial rule and is the most popular sport in both nations. Many of the players in the first post-independence teams of India and Pakistan had played together as teammates in regional and local tournaments.

Shikhar Dhawan's wicket has calmed things down a little bit, as he was the one who was going after the bowlers. One thing that happens when Virat Kohli is at the crease though, is that the India skipper always makes his partner, Rohit Sharma in this case, run the close singles, and the 2s.

Good news. The rains have suddenly stopped, the covers are off, and we are all raring to go, as Team India get into another huddle. The good part about this is that the sun is out, and we can see clear blue parts of the sky.

OUT! Nuwan Pradeep draws first blood. Fakhar was looking dangerous but Sri Lanka have managed to dismiss him. Pradeep bowls a bouncer and Zaman hooks it albeit straight to Asela Gunaratne at fine leg. But the rookie player has done his job; he scored a 50 off 35 balls. Babar Azam, Pakistan's No 3, arrives at the centre.

OVER 28: IND 157/1 (Rohit 72* Kohli 13*)           Kohli's not wasting any time in finding form, glancing the ball down to third-man for a boundary. India running well, too, the final ball of Wasim's over going for two more to the India captain.

Sarfraz Ahmed is a delightful gabbler, I like him even more for that. He relates that Shadab, the 18-year-old leggie, is in the XI, Fashim Ashraf is the man who misses out.

I don't really know what to tell you about that. Shadab was struggling with the wet ball, needed a rag. Dhawan down the pitch to a full toss, and plopped it straight to the man in the deep. The Indians in the crowd allow themselves a split second to reflect, then start going nutso. Why? Because Virat Kohli is coming to the crease.

WICKET! Jadeja's consistency with his line and length pays off finally. Azhar did steer the ball away for his FIFTY, but a couple of balls later he perished while trying to slog sweep Jadeja, but only managed to get a top edge, as Hardik Pandya took a smart catch in the deep.

And it’s not just jokes and memes that are breaking the Internet right now, several mauka-mauka videos have been ruling Youtube and fans from both countries can’t have enough of it. However, it was not an all happy mood on Saturday, a day ahead of the match. Many people took to Twitter to urge the Indian team to walkout from the match and argued that it would give a strong message to the neighbouring nation. Tweeple asked Virat Kohli and team to boycott the match and stand with Indian Army.

OUT! Malinga doesn't bowl a wicket taking delivery but the lead up to the wicket has fetched him this. He bangs it short around leg and Malik looks to pull it but only manages a faint edge to Dickwella. Malinga is jumping in joy, the Sri Lankan players gather around him to celebrate. Boy, are they excited!

And we have some good news from Edgbaston. Rain has stopped, and the covers are off. India and Pakistan are all set to resume their rivalries again, in a while.

Often you will hear India v Pakistan referred to as ‘more than a game’, a term that touches on all sorts of mildly ridiculous motifs: age-old religious feuds, geopolitical sabre-rattling, border incursions, nuclear armageddon. None of which, you suspect, will be all that relevant when Shikhar Dhawan nudges Wahab Riaz’s first ball down to fine leg at Edgbaston on Sunday, but then in many ways the hyperbole is the point. India v Pakistan is one of those fixtures that people want to mean more than it does.

And the rains have started to pour down on Edgbaston Cricket Stadium yet again. The English weather just cannot make up its mind today. the covers are out, as the players run off to the dressing room again. We'll bring you more updates from Birmingham, as and when we get them.

Those two wickets have put a big cap on Pakistan's scoring rate, as the required run rate has now crept up to higher that 8 runs per over. However, Pakistan have targetted Pandya today, scoring 9 runs off his last over, to give some relief to the asking rate.

There was no shortage of excitement before the match. However, the alleged Anil Kumble-Virat Kohli row added more spice to the build-up for the game. Although Kohli vehemently denied the reports of trouble between him and Team India coach, it will be interesting to witness how Indian team performs following the huge media coverage the entire saga garnered.

It was full outsied off from Fahim, Chandimal, with feet stuck in his crease, looked to drive on the up but is late on to it and gets thick inside edge onto the stumps. MAIDEN ODI wicket for Fahim.
However, Jadeja soon trapped Azhar, who tried to slog sweep the spinner, sending his top-edged shot straight to Hardik Pandya in the deep. The southpaw manufactured yet another wicket with a brilliant direct throw, on the turn, when he had just one stump to aim at. Shoaib Malik was caught way off his crease.

Imad tosses one up and Dhawan wallops it. Now a really irritating bit of cricket, the ball knocked into the deep for a single, a wild throw, keeper misses it, nobody is backing up. Oh, Pakistan. Three runs.

First bowling change,  Hasan Ali comes on with his right-arm fast medium. Offers the merest hint of width and Rohit is at him, a lovely, clever, touchy shot behind square for four. Quality act, old RS. The days of 'Nohit Sharma' but a memory these days. Weather not looking too good.

Pandya on strike for the last over, and he takes full advantage of his limited opportunity. To say the very least.  Imad Wasim dishes up the first one on off stump. He gets the leg out of the way and heaves it for six. Now a flat, brutal slap over long off for another six. Slower ball on off now, Pandya mullers that over cow corner. Three sixes in three balls. He couldn't, could he?

Unlike England’s opening pair of Jason Roy and Alex Hales, who can soon fret, Sharma and Shikhar ­Dhawan feigned nonchalance and gave themselves time and, surely enough, they had the class to make it up. They put on 136 for the first wicket in almost half of India’s allotted overs, preparing the way for Kohli, Yuvraj and Pandya to go to town in the second half.
Openers Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma were just looking to up the tempo, when the weather gods decided to interfere with the game as the showers poured down. They did not last for long though, as play resumed later, with Dhawan and Rohit needing to acclimatise themselves to the conditions again.

WICKET! Sarfraz c Dhoni b Pandya 15 Lovely straight drive from Sarfraz back past Pandya for four, and that's the 150 up for Pakistan.  Tries to run one down to third-man, but the ball gets a little too close to him and he glances it straight to Dhoni with a shot that looked something out of morning catching practice. 

WICKET! Hassan fires in a perfect yorker, and traps Yuvraj plumb in front of the middle stump. The umpire hesitated, as there was some confusion whether it hit the bat, but Yuvraj was given out lbw after Pakistan called for a DRS referral.

Virat gets a huge cheer: "The side batting second will have some pressure. Nice and hard wicket. We will look to use our main strength which is batting. It is just a game of cricket for me, anywhere in the world. We feel normal, the preparations are as usual."

Arch-rivals India and Pakistan will all set for the epic clash at Edgbaston,UK, in the ICC Champions Trophy and the excitement surrounding the match is immeasurable. Amid all the apprehension and adrenaline rush, people on Twitter can’t keep calm. We get it completely; after all, the two teams will be facing each other for the first time since March 2015. And no matter what, certain things are common for every India-Pakistan match, be it the sarcasm or the thrill — it’s almost like a ‘do or die’ situation for the players.

Metronomic line and length from Pandya, and he ties Hafeez down with three dot balls. The Pakistan batsman has a strike rate of 60 currently, which just won't do.  Two more dots follow, and Hafeez nudges a single to mid-on off the final ball of the over. Pressure building. 

Fast bowler Junaid Khan replaced him, seamlessly returning figures of 2/53 against South Africa. Besides, young pacer Hasan Ali has been in top form along with the ever dangerous Mohammad Amir.

6:00PM WICKET! Azhar Ali c Pandya b Jadeja 58 Both players are trying to get down the track against Jadeja, but he is spotting them early and dragging his length back. Hafeez gets another single with a slog sweep.  Azhar Ali tries the same approach, but Jadeja bowls a quicker ball that has just enough overspin to catch a top-edge. Simple catch for Pandya at deep-backward square. Shoaib Malik at the crease now. 



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What's the context for your question? Mother's Day is a set expression, an alternative title for Mothering Sunday. There's no equivalent for teachers, so you need to tell us what you want to say.

What's the context for your question? Mother's Day is a set expression, an alternative title for Mothering Sunday. There's no equivalent for teachers, so you need to tell us what you want to say.

All Saints' day is a good model. Nonetheless, you will probably find "Mother's Day to be the most popular form (if it gets an apostrophe at all). You could argue that it refers specifically to our individual mothers - of which we have only one - and justify it that way. Since we often have more than one teacher, I think it should be "Teachers' Day".

All Saints' day is a good model. Nonetheless, you will probably find "Mother's Day to be the most popular form (if it gets an apostrophe at all). You could argue that it refers specifically to our individual mothers - of which we have only one - and justify it that way. Since we often have more than one teacher, I think it should be "Teachers' Day".

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American dad

When the first promotional images for American Dad! emerged, they made the animated comedy look completely unnecessary. Fox had already revived co-creator Seth MacFarlane’s previous show, Family Guy, and introductions to the Smiths of Langley Falls made them look nothing more than an off-brand version of the Griffins of Quahog. There was a working husband, a stay-at-home mom, a teenage daughter, a younger teenage son, and a talking pet. That voluble goldfish, Klaus, looked like this show’s version of the Griffins’ matricidal infant, Stewie; meanwhile, the roles of “boozy roommate” and “member of the household with an oddly shaped head” went to the Smiths’ live-in extraterrestrial, Roger. With American Dad! appearing so redundant, one had to wonder how the show could possibly make any impact.

To prove that she's cool, Francine teaches Steve to shoplift, but their big heist goes awry. Meanwhile, Roger, Hayley and Klaus form a musical trio.

When the CIA's budget gets cut, Roger suggests that Stan hold a telethon. When Stan takes credit for the idea, Roger tries his best to sabotage it.

In this season, Stan keeps reliving the same Father's Day. Steve becomes a pilot. Later, Stan and Steve become sushi chefs. Francine becomes outraged when a mold of her genitalia is placed in a museum.

A storm hits the towns of Stoolbend, Quahog and Langley Falls. When the Smiths decide to stay home, they must fight tooth and nail to survive.

American Dad! C.I.A. Agent Stan Smith is constantly fighting off terrorists who threaten the safety of the USA (sometimes causing more harm than good). His wife Francine is an average house wife with two kids, Hayley, Stan's only daughter, an average rebellious teenager and Steve, Stan's only son, a geek who enjoys Dungeons and Dragons, gaming and comic book conventions. Then there's Roger, the home's illegal (space) alien who the Smith's are keeping protected. Last but not least, there's Klaus, the Smith's wisecracking talking fish (swapped from his human body years ago by the CIA).

The question “Does Stan actually care about Roger, or is he just an inconvenience?” has been explored in several episodes (“You Debt Your Life,” “Frannie 911”), but never quite as hilariously as it is here. Throughout the episode, Stan appears to be doing nice things for Roger, but it’s purely for his own gain. This reaches its culmination when, after accidentally killing a South American dictator, he asks Roger to impersonate him then stage his assassination. Instead, Roger decides to actually rule the island, renaming it Bananarama and making “Venus” the national anthem. (He also paints the streets yellow and forces his bodyguards to wear Abercrombie & Fitch shirts.) Naturally, this gets to be a bit much for the citizens of the island, so they stage a coup against him. Stan, realizing he really does care about Roger, comes in at the last moment and saves him from certain death. This episode is important for how it showcases the relationship between Stan and Roger as well as its examination of Stan’s selfishness. More importantly, though, it’s just a really funny episode that features Roger at his wonderfully eccentric best.

In American Dad!'s initial seasons MacFarlane was described as focusing more attention on his coexisting obligation of Family Guy. This was to the extent that American Dad! was completely secondary to him, and he did not understand the show. Because he was not getting the show at the time, he was described as "just going along for the ride." Likewise, the rest of the show's creators Mike Barker and Matt Weitzman were also trying to figure out the show and where it was going.

On November 18, 2014, it was reported that the show's outstanding performance in cable quickly moved TBS to order another season of the series, bringing the show to 13 seasons. Moreover, the 13th season will be made up of 22 episodes, which is more episodes than any American Dad! season previous to that. Prior to the upcoming 13th season, the highest number of episodes for one season was 20.

American Dad! didn’t really start to take off until the writers understood what a great character Roger could be. At first, he was just the snarky alien who lived in the attic. Over time, however, he gained additional dimensions, mostly by gaining several other personalities through his endless supply of disguises. In this episode, one of Roger’s alter egos separates from him and seemingly takes on a life of its own. Sidney Huffman is a Jimmy Stewart type who is the complete opposite of Roger: a devout, straitlaced teetotaler who reads books about proper etiquette. Sidney becomes less friendly, however, when Roger—thinking him an identity thief—takes revenge and burns down his house. Sidney takes a hit out on Roger, which is a bit tricky because, well, he is Roger. Roger and Sidney have to work together to call off the hit, and it makes for quite a suspenseful conclusion. As American Dad! moved forward, Roger became more and more of a focal point—arguably replacing Stan as the show’s most essential character—and the show realized its full comedic potential as a result.

Stan’s stodginess hadn’t been entirely forgotten by the end of the George W. Bush administration, and here, it led to one of the show’s best and most cathartic episodes. After attempting to prevent Hayley from seeing a My Morning Jacket concert, Stan hears the soaring vocals of Jim James for the first time, and his life is changed forever. The musical obsession that most people experience as teenagers hits Stan at the age of 42. He spends all of his time listening to MMJ and even shames Hayley for having the nerve to listen to other bands. Anyone who has ever uttered the phrase, “This band is my life!” can understand what Stan is going through here, and the idea of experiencing a musical epiphany of this sort as a middle-aged man is novel. When James points out that it would be impossible for him to have actually been thinking about Stan when he wrote, say “Wordless Chorus,” it’s hard not to feel Stan’s pain. For the first time in his life, he knows what it means to love a band, and it nearly destroys him. Yes, there are previous episodes that show Stan enjoying rock music, but this show has never been a stickler for continuity, and in this case, it works for the better.

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Ep 17 Gorillas in the Mist Stan spends some quality father-son time with Steve at the local zoo, but things go wrong when Steve slips into a gorilla exhibit. Ep 17 Flirting With Disaster Francine gets a job at Stan's office, which cramps Stan's style and his ability to flirt with co-workers. When Francine retaliates with a little flirting of her own, war breaks out at work.

Futures are altered when Steve and Snot host a party for the uncool kids. Also, Roger tangles with a waitress who doesn't compliment his order, and Stan and Francine embark on a vacation in Bosnia.

1The Vacation Goo22mAfter discovering that all their family vacations have been artificial memories created by the CIA, Francine fumes and demands a real one.2Meter Made22mIn order to be taken more seriously, Stan becomes a meter maid. Now he gets the best tables at restaurants and impresses Francine with his prowess.3Dope & Faith22mStan prays for a friend and thinks God sent him one, but Brett turns out to be an atheist. Roger convinces Steve that he's been accepted to Hogwarts.4Big Trouble in Little Langley22mWhen Francine's adopted parents stop by for an unannounced stay, Stan is furious that they refuse to accept his "man of the house" ways.5Haylias22mWhen Hayley wants to move to France, Stan will do anything to stop her -- including revealing the fact that she was brainwashed as a child by the CIA.6The 42-Year-Old Virgin22mStan reveals that he has never actually killed anyone. It seems that every kill in Stan's history has been the result of fortunate timing.7Surro-Gate22mWhen Francine decides to be a surrogate for her gay neighbors, Stan kidnaps the baby and heads for Nebraska, where gay couples have no rights.8The Most Adequate Christmas Ever22mAfter Stan comes home from another dangerous mission, he finds that his family has decked the halls with boughs of holly, but not to his satisfaction.9Frannie 91122mFrancine fakes Roger's kidnapping in the hopes of showing Roger that Stan still cares about him, but Stan never shows up.10Tearjerker22mStan and the family are characters in a Bond-style spoof in which Stan must stop Tearjerker (aka Roger), a diabolical film producer.11Oedipal Panties22mWhen Stan's mom gets dumped, she comes running to Stan for support. Feeling threatened, Francine is determined to cut Stan's umbilical cord.12Widowmaker22mFrancine pushes Stan to open up to her, but she gets more than she bargained for when he tells her that he killed her best friend's husband.13Red October Sky22mStan is shocked to learn that his neighbor is a former KGB agent. When the agent helps Steve build a rocket, Stan thinks Steve is now a communist.14Office Spaceman22mRoger begins to release photos of himself to the local media for extra cash, prompting the CIA to initiate an Alien Task Force.15Stanny Slickers II: The Legend of Ollie's Gold21mOfficially declared dead after an accident with a pudding truck, Stan comes back to life and realizes his dream of leaving a legacy on the world.16Spring Break-Up22mFrancine visits her parents over spring break. Roger wants to become "King of Spring Break" and invites college coeds to party at their home.

On July 16, 2013, it was announced that American Dad! had been cancelled by Fox. Shortly thereafter, however, the cable station TBS picked up the show for a 15-episode 11th season, slated to premiere on October 20, 2014. Currently, TBS airs reruns of American Dad! in syndication. The tenth season was initially to be the final one on Fox; however, on July 20, 2014, it was announced that Fox had three unaired episodes left for broadcast. Two of the three aired back-to-back on September 14, 2014, and the final one aired on September 21, 2014. Reports from Fox seemed to imply that these three episodes constituted a season of their own, season 10. Among multiple discrepant reports from TBS however, one indicated that the three episodes were the beginning of the 11th season to resume on their network. TBS actually debuted their first episode through social media websites YouTube and Facebook on October 13, 2014. However, the October 20, 2014 date still applies to the television debut.

Perhaps most importantly, this new focus on characters and absurd situations downplayed the show’s political-satire roots. Stan was still a right-winger, but the show talked about it less and less. Ironically, American Dad! finally reached its full potential when it abandoned its original concept. To illustrate that, here are 10 episodes that mark the show’s considerable growth after its rocky beginning.

When American Dad! co-creator Matt Weitzman was asked what his favorite part was of the show's pre-production process, he answered, "I probably enjoy the editing process a lot. I think I like the fine tuning of things and making things happen just so. Making the episode just kind of pop in its own subtle ways."

8Now and Gwen21mFrancine's convict sister, Gwen, turns the Smith house into a hub of illegal activity. Meanwhile, Roger tries to rouse an old partner from a coma.
Gift Me Liberty Season 13, Episode 20 Jun 13, 2016 $2.99 Someone fails to bring a gift to the CIA Christmas party gift swap and Bullock is left without a gift. Bullock is enraged and demands to know who ruined the party but no one confesses.